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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Collaboration and all our talent translate into projects which contribute to designing a better future.


We are committed to your professional development, and we want you to develop your full potential with us. Because we believe in our people and their capabilities. That is why we encourage diversity, which is a source of wealth and a lever for innovation. We promote equal opportunities and offer flexibility to balance your professional life with the time required to enjoy and experience your most private side.


Our work teams reflect a diverse society and contain people with different socio-demographic profiles and different cognitive and experiential dimensions. We develop international and multidisciplinary projects that include people of up to more than 30 nationalities, with different study and training itineraries and who also bring us their own cultural, cognitive and experiential diversity.

Understanding this diversity is fundamental for Sener. It is diversity itself that fosters creativity and, with it, innovation.

This commitment to diversity and inclusion has led us to adhere to the Diversity Charter of Fundación Diversidad. In 2021, we have renewed this commitment. In addition, in 2022 we were one of the signatories of the Code of Generational Diversity Principle promoted by the Generation and Talent Observatory.

34 nationalities
27 % of the workforce is female
15 % are under 35
+ 100 disciplines
Experts from different technical disciplines who combine their knowledge to find the best solutions within an all-rounded project.
+70 countries
where we have developed projects in the last 5 years.
19 countries
with offices

#SenerEqual Interviews

Gonzalo Azcárraga

Diversity provides different working methods, ideas and perspectives… This is particularly beneficial in environments where creativity, unconventional solutions and a disruptive approach bring value to the development of the solution, as is the case of engineering. Diversity of culture, gender, society, age… is a very powerful tool to deal with any problem we want to find a solution for.

We spoke with Gonzalo Azcárraga, the director of Sener’s office in Mexico, about the different facets of diversity and what it brings to the organization as a driver of business.

Read the full interview

Equal opportunities

At Sener we believe in equal opportunities among all people, and we work on policies and measures that favor equal opportunities in all people management processes, eliminating biases relating to gender, age, disability, culture and sexual orientation.

In 2022, we joined the Women and Engineering program of the Spain’s Royal Academy of Engineering RAI.

Gender diversity

We transfer to our Equality Plan and our Diversity and Inclusion Plan, Sener EQUAL. In our Code of Conduct and People Policy, we place special emphasis on these values.

We also have a Protocol for the Prevention of Harassment Situations in the workplace.

Multi-generational teams

We are 4 generations working and learning together. Each generation brings a level of experience and knowledge to the table, which enriches the team as a whole. Each professional learns from the others, reinforcing their capabilities and creating a more competent and efficient team.

At Sener, we encourage generational diversity in teams, so that the younger members work shoulder to shoulder with professionals with more knowledge and years of experience.


We promote multicultural work teams in which we value each person for their technical and experiential skills. This diversity brings beneficial values to the organization and the personal enrichment of team members: greater flow of talent, greater empathy and respect for opinions and beliefs, cultural exchange, fostering creativity, experience and leadership skills, among others.

Work-life balance and flexibility

Our main value is the people who make up Sener. We want to contribute to their physical and emotional wellbeing, support them in their professional and personal motivations and foster a working environment based on flexibility, freedom and trust in people so that we encourage teamwork, the development of their talent and their capacity for innovation.

For this reason, at Sener we are committed to the development and implementation of a work-life balance and flexibility policies that facilitate a balance between professional, personal and family life. Likewise, we implement work procedures and methodologies in line with equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion, which is why we are certified as a Family Responsible Entity (EFR), awarded by Fundación MásFamilia and recognized by the United Nations.

Do you want to know how we favor the work, personal life and family balance at Sener?

Let’s talk about working from home, wellbeing and flexibility:


Thanks to the digital transformation processes, we provide our professionals with the necessary software and hardware tools, so that they can continue to carry out their work remotely both effectively and efficiently, without losing contact with their teams and facilitating a work-life balance.
A healthy company
We promote sports activities and offer health and wellness training and specific programs to improve the physical, mental and emotional state of our people.
Work-life balance
We facilitate reduced working hours, remote working or intensive working hours for people with minors, the elderly or dependents in their care.
We have a hybrid work model (remote and office) that allows flexibility in terms of working hours and where workers work from, meaning they can organize their own work time.
The wellbeing of those that work with us is essential.