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At Sener we have been making the future of space exploration possible since 1967


We have been applying our solid experience in the human adventure of outer space since 1967. It is a scientific challenge that we are passionate about and that has led us to demonstrate our capabilities in programs for the most important space agencies, such as ESA, NASA, JAXA… Our technological quality turns essential components and equipment into a reality for all kinds of satellites in Earth orbit and for interplanetary exploration.


Other Aerospace lines


We believe in the need to develop technologically advanced national capabilities so that our armed forces, in collaboration with their international allies, can ensure that our society is kept safe. We know that the future belongs to those who collaborate and establish partnerships, a conviction with which we participate in defense programs of vital importance for our environment.

Astronomy and Science

Our optical technology is present in some of the largest and most important telescopes in the scientific industry, from the Hubble to the GTC in the Canary Islands.

Air Traffic Control

We have been working with the main manufacturers of airspace surveillance radars for more than 15 years. Our clients vouch for the quality with which we design and produce large-aperture antennas,


We have half a century of experience in the broadcast sector. We combine our offer in the design and manufacture of antennas and components, with tools that support our clients from the installation to the commissioning of the systems.