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SENER receives the Generational Diversity award from the Generation & Talent Observatory.


SENER has been one of the signatories of the Code of Generational Diversity Principle promoted by the Spanish Generation & Talent Observatory.

This code recognizes as a strategic objective the favorable development of the management of people based on equal opportunities regardless of their age, non-discrimination and respect for generational diversity, promoting a favorable environment and respecting in each case the current legislation and the best business and social practices.

In this way, SENER reaffirms its commitment to the diversity of its teams, a value that enhances creativity and, with it, innovation. In this sense, SENER works on policies and measures that favor equal opportunities in all processes of people management, eliminating gender, age, disability, culture and sexual orientation biases, as well as in programs or initiatives with a generational approach.

SENER has collected the certificate that confirms the company as an entity committed to Generational Diversity at an event that took place in Madrid on September 27, and in which Ana Úsar, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager of People Management, participated.

SENER recibe el distintivo de Diversidad Generacional

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