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Green hydrogen


We invest in the development of innovative solutions to promote green hydrogen to transform industrial processes and become more sustainable. Green hydrogen is an essential energy vector towards the energy transition, as stated in the European Green Deal and the Renewable Hydrogen Roadmap in Spain.

We are working to accelerate the competitiveness of hydrogen generation from 100% renewable energy with zero CO2 emissions.  

Our projects cover the green hydrogen needs of refineries, the chemical industry or green ammonia projects, mobility, balancing the electricity transmission grid through the large-scale roll-out of renewable fuels and eco-fuels and green ammonia production projects for hydrogen export. 

We lead hydrogen projects in Europe, where we provide green hydrogen to industry, transport and power and gas companies. We engage throughout every stage of the value chain and drive projects until they are brought to life.  

We collaborate with and facilitate the entry of new stakeholders who share our vision: local stakeholders, technology centres, SMEs, institutions and potential partners and clients. 

The viability of our solutions has been endorsed by the European Commission in its program to support research and innovation, as well as industrial deployment, in the hydrogen technology value chain, IPCEI Hy2Tech, for the technological manufacture and development of next-generation electrolyzers. Only three other Spanish companies have been selected together with Sener, out of a total of 35 European companies.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is strong and we will explore the full potential of new hydrogen technology.

More about Sener Renewable Investment

Offshore wind

We foster new offshore wind projects calling on the extensive offshore wind resource that is the sea. To do so, we draw on our one-of-a-kind experience in the fields of offshore wind energy and marine engineering. We go to great lengths to develop the most innovative and efficient solutions that we also invest in.

Solar and storage

For more than a decade, we have been committed to the energy transition to renewable energies. In solar energy, we have implemented pioneering solar thermal power plants that have demonstrated the effectiveness of our technological solutions.

Circular economy

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we identify solutions that foster the shift towards a circular economy, a model that extends the life of resources while cutting down on waste.