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Our activity as a vocation toward social progress



Work on exciting projects, with teams of specialists from multiple disciplines. Share knowledge and face technologically complex challenges that allow you to grow professionally, while always providing a differential and innovative approach. Contribute to the creation of a more livable future and a sustainable environment.

At Sener, talent and vocation combine to provide solutions that make a difference and generate value for society. For us, engineering is a vocation, and the effort is rewarded.

Contributing to boosting the energy transition and decarbonization, promoting the development of sustainable infrastructures or improving scientific knowledge with NASA or ESA space missions are just some of the projects you can take part in at Sener.
With offices in 19 countries on 5 continents, we export technology and innovation all over the world, having developed projects in the last 5 years in more than 70 countries.
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Get to know the #SenerTeam behind each project

Get to know Jorge Vizcaya

As an architect in our Mobility team, Jorge is one of the people responsible for the Santiago Bernabeu’s retractable turf project.

What I like most about Sener, which I don’t know if other companies have, is approaching a colleague from another discipline, with whom I may never have worked before, and asking them about ideas that come to me, finding synergies between different fields of engineering. It’s something we live with every day and maybe that’s why we don’t value it. At Sener there are many exceptional people and perhaps that is what helps to explain its success.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We encourage multidisciplinary, multicultural and diverse teams that allow us to continue advancing as a team and as a company, responding with innovative solutions to the challenges posed by society, responding with the best solution to the particular needs of each client.

Professional development plan

We will define a career plan together which adapts to your job profile. We will provide you with the necessary resources so that you can continue to develop your technical capabilities and management and organizational skills.

Graduate program

At SENER, we promote the training and employability of a new generation of professionals through young talent programs and in-company training scholarships.

Job offers

Join Sener to take part in technological and innovative projects that contribute to social progress and the creation of a more sustainable future.