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Circular economy


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we identify solutions that foster the shift towards a circular economy, a model that extends the life of resources while cutting down on waste.

Without losing sight of our key goal of minimizing environmental impact as much as possible, we identify sustainable and viable solutions that reuse waste and materials:

  • We promote the valuation of forest biomass residues through the development of biomass plants for sustainable electricity generation in accordance with European policy criteria.
  • We invest in innovative technology to transform any plastic waste into renewable products that can be reused – such as eFuels or methanol – while boosting the circular economy.
  • We develop waste-to-chemical projects as part of the range of solutions that we take into account in circular waste management, using gasification, among other technologies.
  • We continue to foster efficient energy recovery projects for waste that is not reused or recycled, based on safe, highly-efficient energy generation that minimizes environmental impact and at the lowest possible cost. We have twenty years’ experience running these industrial plants, among which the one in Zabalgarbi.

More about SENER Renewable Investments

Green hydrogen

We invest in the development of innovative solutions to promote green hydrogen to transform industrial processes and become more sustainable. Green hydrogen is an essential energy vector towards the energy transition, as stated in the European Green Deal and the Renewable Hydrogen Roadmap in Spain.

Offshore wind

We foster new offshore wind projects calling on the extensive offshore wind resource that is the sea. To do so, we draw on our one-of-a-kind experience in the fields of offshore wind energy and marine engineering.

Solar and storage

For more than a decade, we have been committed to the energy transition to renewable energies. In solar energy, we have implemented pioneering solar thermal power plants that have demonstrated the effectiveness of our technological solutions.