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We contribute to the development of an increasingly digital, productive and sustainable industry

A digital and sustainable change

Our aim is to make our engineering capacity available to customer to create more productive companies, through a re-engineering of their processes through technology, without forgetting their sustainability goals.

Our engineers have extensive experience in transforming industrial companies. Our know-how is at the heart of a methodology that kicks off with digital change consultancy and then subsequently comes up with a strategy that takes into account it´s technical and economic feasibility. Finally, what we do best: execute. 

More about SENER Digital


We come up with solutions and strategies adapted to the needs of each client with a view to achieving an innovative and efficient future.


We go about providing our services by coming up with a digital transformation strategy, transforming processes and teams to meet corporate objectives.  


Sener’s innovative vision, together with our extensive experience in the marine engineering business has led to us becoming a key player in the digital transformation of the industry.


We innovate in close collaboration with institutions and professionals to envision and build a digital future in healthcare and research centers. This has led to us becoming the perfect partner for an ever-changing industry.