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Hydrogen and carriers

A more sustainable tomorrow

We believe in the role of green hydrogen as a key resource for decarbonization. However, we know that major challenges lie ahead. Therefore, we drive the technological development of hydrogen and work on efficient engineering solutions for its generation, transportation, storage and use.

We foster a more sustainable tomorrow to contribute to the energy transition through engineering and technology solutions.



Sustainable industry

Our mission is to innovate in order to advance towards a sustainable society and a sustainable business and industry. We are specialists in energy transition technologies, positioning ourselves as your technology partner in sustainable innovation. We would like to play a leading role in building a sustainable future, and for this we rely on science, technology and innovation.

Circular economy

We support the transformation of industrial models towards the circular economy paradigm, in which waste is reduced and the useful life of raw materials is extended.

Renewables and storage

At Sener, our journey in the renewable energy industry got underway in the 1980s, when we started up our first solar projects. This path has led us to be pioneers in the development of cutting-edge technology and to contribute to more than thirty solar thermal plants around the world,

Offshore wind

We have been offering wind and other marine energy solutions such as wave energy for years, as well as having the capacity to cover a wide range of services throughout the entire lifespan of a wind farm project.

Natural gas

As one of the industry’s leading turnkey contractors, we carry out everything from large regasification terminals and cryogenic storage tanks to developing the virtual pipeline concept.


Cogeneration and combined cycle power plants are highly complex facilities that call for expert knowledge in several industrial and energy fields. Our teams are experts in the design of hybrid plants that allow the reduction of CO2 emissions,