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Renewable Investments

We share our commitment to decarbonization with you with a view to driving technologies that accelerate the energy transition. To this end, at Sener Renewable Investments we identify renewable energy opportunities to foster and invest in them to make them a reality. We are a driving force behind sustainable innovations, from their groundbreaking conception to their commercial operation.

We are present on four continents with projects under development in Spain, Portugal, the United States, Australia, Chile, Brazil and Mexico.
2 GW
of clean energy
4000 Tn
of green hydrogen per year
300 MWh
energy storage

Business Areas


Manufacture of a 2.5 MW electrolyzer for Petronor’s refinery in Muskiz (Spain)

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At Sener Renewable Investments, we go to great lengths to accelerate the competitiveness of hydrogen generation from 100% renewable energy, with zero CO2 emissions. We support projects aligned with the Hydrogen Roadmap in Spain and the European Green Deal, promoting them right from the outset until they are brought to life.

HiveWind: a semi-submersible floating steel platform for offshore wind turbines

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We leverage Sener’s unique expertise in offshore wind energy and marine engineering to boost new offshore wind projects. We finance and develop opportunities supported by strategic partnerships with local developers and the extensive technical capabilities of Sener’s professionals.


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With 29 thermosolar projects, Sener Renewable Investments we seek new opportunities to decarbonize energy using the sun. We invest in and develop hybrid projects with other renewable technologies, to which we provide fully integrated and flexible solutions. We offer complementary grid services, the creation of microgrids, self-consumption systems and battery storage.

Zabalgarbi: implementing circular economy in municipal solid waste

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As part of our commitment to sustainability, we identify solutions that foster the shift towards a circular economy, a model that extends the life of resources and reduces waste. We promote projects that use waste as varied as forestry, plastics and chemicals.

Integral support

We participates in the promotion, design, construction, implementation and financing of the projects, as well as the subsequent operation and maintenance thereof. We provide each project with a customized solution.