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We accompany you towards a digital and sustainable energy transition

We accompany you towards change

Our extensive experience in executing comprehensive generation and process projects in all phases of their life cycle, together with our digital innovation, make possible a unique way of managing energy assets, where knowledge and technology go hand in hand to solve the problems of our clients in an agile, sustainable, profitable and disruptive way.

We are an ally with a solid track record driving the digital transformation of the industry. We go about providing our services by coming up with a digital transformation strategy, transforming processes and teams to meet corporate objectives.  

Our methodology kicks off with digital change consultancy and then we subsequently come up with a strategy that takes into account the technical and economic feasibility of the initiatives. This puts us in a position to develop successful strategies and projects with our clients. 

However, our real differentiating point is in the execution, where we bring many years of engineering to solve real problems with concrete solutions developed and implemented by us. We don’t just say what to do, but we do it. 


EZ Solar Field: optimal operations management and maintenance of solar fields
EZ Solar Field is an integral digital solution which covers the entire cycle from the capture of data to the confirmation of the technician’s work order in the field and the analysis of its completion

More about SENER Digital


We come up with solutions and strategies adapted to the needs of each client with a view to achieving an innovative and efficient future.


Sener’s innovative vision, together with our extensive experience in the marine engineering business has led to us becoming a key player in the digital transformation of the industry.


Our aim is to make our engineering capacity available to customer to create more productive companies, through a re-engineering of their processes through technology,


We innovate in close collaboration with institutions and professionals to envision and build a digital future in healthcare and research centers. This has led to us becoming the perfect partner for an ever-changing industry.