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Sener signs the Code of Principles for Generational Diversity and joins the Network of Companies of the Observatorio Generación & Talento


Sener, an engineering and technology group, has endorsed the Code of Principles for Generational Diversity, promoted by the Observatorio Generación & Talento. With its endorsement, the company acknowledges the favorable management of personnel based on equal opportunity regardless of age, non-discrimination, and respect for generational diversity.

Sener is committed to diversity, since diversity is synonymous with people, managing talent, attracting the best people, learning to look from different cognitive perspectives to create and innovate. Our view of equality, diversity and inclusion reflects our understanding of people as individuals, because, beyond demographic groups, each person is unique. There are certainly situations in which people of a specific group share needs that have to be met, but individuality is fundamental. All the policies and measures implemented in the different areas revolve around how we can take care of people,” explains Mikel Zahino, People Director at Sener.

We have a slogan, which is: Sener can only go as far as its people, and we really believe that. In our diversity plan, in addition to specific initiatives for certain demographic groups, we focus on raising awareness and training in diversity, eliminating unconscious biases and bringing about cultural changes. We also started working on cognitive and experiential diversity, and on the concept of innodiversity, because diversity and innovation go hand in hand. In other words, we are expanding our view of diversity,” Zahino added.

At the signing ceremony, Sener was represented by Zahino and Ana Úsar, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Elena Cascante, president of the 50plus Think Tank Association and managing partner of the Observatorio Generación & Talento, and Ángeles Alcázar, managing partner, were present on behalf of the Observatorio Generación & Talento.

As a signatory of the Code of Principles for Generational Diversity, the first of its kind in Spain, Sener has explicitly accepted six fundamental principles, including disseminating and applying the binding principles set out in the European directives for the 2030 Agenda in this area, promoting the development of an active generational diversity policy, gradually committing to becoming a reflection of a diverse society, and ensuring respect for generational diversity policies in employment.

In addition, the company has committed to developing the principle of equal opportunity regardless of age in terms of access to employment, training, development, professional promotion and working conditions; and to comply with the current and binding legal requirements in this regard.

The signatory organizations commit to implementing active programs and policies for managing generational diversity on the basis of this code of principles,” explains Ángeles Alcázar, managing partner at the Observatorio Generación & Talento.

The entities that embrace this code of principles for generational diversity are bound to have the best of each generation,” says Elena Cascante, managing partner at the Observatorio Generación & Talento. “This interconnected, intergenerational talent leads to responsible and solid companies that are more adaptable to new organizational requirements and more competitive,” she added.

Sener has also joined the Network of Companies of the Observatorio Generación & Talento, a working body that aims to generate a network of knowledge and best practices that helps companies promote the implementation of active generational diversity policies. The Network is currently working on the first 360º diversity management model in organizations.

Following Sener’s inclusion, the companies that are part of this Network of Companies and of the Mediterranean Network of Companies of the Observatorio Generación & Talento are: AEDAS Homes, AIG, Solunion, Axa, Boehringer Ingelheim, CaixaBank, Redeia, Coca Cola, Correos, Dr. Schneider, EDP, DKV, Enagás, Fundación ONCE, Naturgy, Generali, Grupo SGS, Mapfre, AstraZeneca, Grupo Ilunion, Quirón Salud, Repsol, Sacyr, Sandoz Farmacéutica, Capgemini, Leroy Merlin, Súper Cuidadores, NIMGenetics and Sener.

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