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We design the future for the sea. We create innovative solutions with the most cutting-edge, bespoke, efficient and high-quality technologies for the marine industry, from concept to production.


We respond to the new challenges faced by the shipbuilding industry, focused on the construction of increasingly specialized vessels and where design and production costs and deadlines are ever tighter. We develop a wide range of customized solutions: design, engineering and consultancy in relation to different types of ships and offshore devices.

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We work hand in hand with shipyards and ship owners to design innovative fleets.
have availed of our services in 15 countries
Marine architects and ship designers work in our core group

Marine engineering

Our extensive experience in marine engineering means we can perform cutting-edge work in conceptual, basic and classification engineering, detail and production engineering, as well as consultancy and technical support. At Sener, we are involved in every phase of projects, from the pre-contractual stage of designing the ship to the delivery thereof. Our experience and team of professionals means we can develop and support comprehensive projects as well as one-off services.


100MWe Ilanga-1 CSP plant successfully completed

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Knowledge, experience and talent are what make Sener professionals and experts highly skilled in developing integral projects. We work closely with our clients because their success and progress is also ours. This is how we have always achieved the best results.


SENER designs an innovative LNG unit for Panfido

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Just like you, we believe in a green future; the marine industry is already a leading player in terms of sustainability. Thanks to our experience and extensive market knowledge, at Sener we are playing our part in reducing the environmental impact of the industry, by innovating using state-of-the-art technologies. To achieve this, we use hydrogen and natural gas as fuels in our prototypes. This is how we see the navigation of tomorrow.

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