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We lead changes towards the sustainable development of our society and our environment. We provide the most appropriate technological solutions. We pay our part in advancing the local communities in which we operate through efficient infrastructures integrated into the environment, but also with activities that contribute to social development in multiple fields of activity.

We collaborate, through the Sener Foundation and Sener volunteers, to develop cooperation projects. We strengthen ties with associations and non-governmental organizations by way of collaboration agreements and donations.

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Our objective is to contribute to a fairer global development through initiatives that stimulate research and careers in science and technology, as well as the socioeconomic progress of people in disadvantaged areas.

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We foster the STEM fields

A Challenge for Science

At Sener and the Sener Foundation, we strive to inspire young people to get into science and enginering with initiatives such as “A Challenge for Science”.

Sener professionals pose challenges based on real situations they face on a daily basis to students in compulsory secondary education (ESO) in Spain. In this way, participants must work as a team to carry out the project with innovative and viable solutions.

“A Challenge for Science” is backed by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) under the Ministry of Innovation and Science. It is also recognized with the STEAM Euskadi seal of the STEAM Euskadi Sariak Awards, organized by the Department of Education of the Basque Regional Government in collaboration with the Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque.


Our vocation is to contribute our knowledge to social progress. Therefore, we defend the role of engineering and technology as key factors for socioeconomic progress.


Through donations, we contribute to fostering projects in fields such as engineering, health, education, culture and development cooperation.

The Sener Group supports various entities such as the Codespa Foundation, Caritas Spain and Mexico, the Red Cross, the Development and Assistance Foundation, the Food Bank, the Pablo Horstmann Pediatric Hospital, the Association for the Integral Development of Children with High Capacities (ADIMAC), the Association for the Disabled APADUAM of Madrid and the Association for the Disabled AMIAB of Albacete.

Through the Sener Foundation, we also roll out internal campaigns to collect clothes and basic necessities for vulnerable communities in Spain as well as for refugee camps in Greece and on the border with Ukraine, in collaboration with international institutions.