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Sener in Poland

We contribute to the development of Aerospace industry in Poland.

Sener in Poland started its activity in 2006 and focuses on the aerospace sector understood as defense, space engineering and aeronautics. Sener’s main area of activity in Poland in the aerospace sector is mechanical engineering, including, in particular, decomposition mechanisms and spacecraft structures. Other areas of activity of the company in Poland are mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) and navigation of space vehicles.


10 years of Sener in Poland

Although little time has passed since Poland’s accession to ESA in 2012, Sener in Poland has become one of the leading players in the space sector in the country. Important projects they have been involved in include the ExoMars, Proba-3, Euclid, E.Deorbit, Saocom-CS, Athena and JUICE missions.

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