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Protecting the environment and the sustainability of each and every one of our processes, products and services is at the heart of our business. In equal measure, we foster the responsible use of resources, a key aspect on the path towards sustainability. What’s more, we urge our suppliers to adhere to these environmental commitments.

Sustainability is a principle at the heart of all our projects; from design to development, set-up and operation. For us, sustainability and innovation/digital transformation go hand in hand.

We innovate for a more sustainable world

We foster technology consulting
with transformation and digitalization capacities linked to sustainable solutions whose objective is to build the technological capacities of tomorrow with a view to helping our clients execute better and more efficient engineering and technology projects that add greater value.
Decarbonization and energy efficiency are the common thread
in all our areas of activity: aerospace and defense, mobility, energy, marine engineering, digital, diagnostics and our renewable energy investment area.
We kickstart circular economy projects

Each and every innovation-focused project and investment we foster are aligned with sustainability.

In aerospace

We’ve joined the Net Zero Space initiative. We’ve been going to great lengths for years to generate more efficient orbital infrastructures. From the development of space deorbiting devices to a recharging space station to replenish propellant in orbit, thus extending the life of satellites, among many other things.

In mobility

We promote rail and urban transport, we roll out sustainable mobility plans, electrification of mobility (urban buses and coaches) as well as the electrification of ports to supply electricity as opposed to generator units.

In infrasructures

We work on reversible hydroelectric power with build-up in electric batteries, low rate pumping plus turbine generators, and water treatment plants (environmental component).

We come up with solutions to accomplish building energy rehabilitation as well as devise systems to introduce H2 into the railway industry. With Seopan, we’ve drawn up a practical guide to implement the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities; the Sener-Seopan Report.

In energy

We accelerate decarbonization and drive the circular economy.

We develop renewable energies, renewable gases and biofuels, cogeneration and biomass, thermal utilization and energy efficiency improvements, energy storage and hybridizations, smart energy management and microgrids, technologies aimed at reusing raw materials (zero waste objective), pyrolysis technologies and waste-to-energy plants.

In the marine industry

We integrate innovative solutions in the fields of energy efficiency and emissions reduction, such as CO2 emission capturers in diesel engines of large vessels, dual propulsion system diesel/liquefied natural gas (LNG) and foster investment in hydrogen. What’s more, we carry out part of the offshore wind energy projects.

In digital solutions

We provide digital solutions that boost our projects’ energy efficiency parameters.

This is the case for projects such as AIRIS, RESPIRA, Assets4Rail (asset administration and management for railway infrastructure), the retractable field tray for stadiums or ACROT, as well as bringing together smart city and building systems, at times through the development of digital twins.

For us, sustainability and innovation/digital transformation go hand in hand.

Innovative and sustainable projects

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