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Warsaw University of Technology and SENER cooperates in building the human resources of the Polish space industry


The Memorandum of Understanding signed on January 16 is part of the implementation of the Polish Space Strategy. It assumes, among others, improving the competences of specialists in the space sector and cooperation in the research and scientific field.

The scope of the agreement between Warsaw University of Technology and SENER includes consultations on the curricula and studies so that they prepare the best possible way to start working in the space sector. Both parties will also jointly conduct research and development activities. In addition, the agreement comprises the implementation of industrial PhDs. In this model, the company employs a talented scientist who undertakes to solve a technological problem which is also the subject of his doctoral dissertation. The agreement was signed by the rector of the Warsaw University of Technology prof. dr hab. Eng. Jan Szmidt; the dean of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering PW prof. dr hab. Eng. Janusz Frczek; SENER Space and Defense Director Diego Rodríguez and SENER Poland General Director Sergio Reguero.

– Warsaw University of Technology has extensive experience in the space sector, as evidenced by numerous implementations and successes, both our scientists and students who send student satellites to space. The university’s environment favours the development of interests and deepening knowledge, which in cooperation with business partners gains the chance for further implementations – emphasizes prof. dr hab. Eng. Jan Szmidt, rector of the Warsaw University of Technology.

– The SENER Group has over 50 years of experience in the space industry. During that time the company delivered over 275 space mechanisms and systems designed by its own engineers. We are very pleased that we will be able to share SENER knowledge with students of the Warsaw University of Technology and facilitate young people’s career in this unique industry – says Sergio Reguero, SENER Poland General Director.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Warsaw University of Technology and the SENER group also includes the organization of workshops, meetings and events for students. One of the meetings took place immediately after the agreement was signed and concerned work on major projects of the European Space Agency.

Cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology is part of the long-term commitment of SENER’s social policy. From the very beginning, the company participates in the internship program «Development of human resources in the space sector» organized jointly by the Industrial Development Agency and the Polish Space Industry Association. SENER also organizes regular meetings with students of technical universities interested in aerospace engineering.

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