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The Sener Foundation will optimize the maintenance and energy efficiency of the Laguna Hospital


The engineering and technology group Sener, through its foundation, has signed an agreement with the Vianorte-Laguna Foundation to launch a program of improvements in the health center that will result in optimization of patient service.

The project, which will be developed during 2024, will focus on the analysis of the energy, water and waste management situation, in addition to the maintenance of the hospital.

The Sener Foundation, a non-profit organization of the Sener engineering and technology group, has signed an agreement with the Vianorte–Laguna Foundation to carry out a consulting report focused on possible improvements in terms of operation, maintenance and energy and water efficiency in the Laguna de Madrid Care Hospital, as well as a manual for the use and operation of the building. The project, which is scheduled to be developed during 2024, seeks to optimize the available resources in order to offer the best possible service to the patient.

Sener professionals, through a volunteer program of the Sener Foundation, have been working since last January on the collection and analysis of data to make a proposal to improve the operations of the health center. In this way, the center will have the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of its facilities, being able to allocate more resources to the care of its patients.

The Laguna Care Hospital is a social and health center dedicated to the care and attention of elderly people in situations of special fragility or who suffer from diseases with no hope of cure, in addition to supporting their families. It is promoted by the non-profit entity Vianorte-Laguna Foundation.

“Engineering and technology have the capacity to transform the world and improve the quality of life of numerous groups, as is the case of this project in which, through the application of the experience and knowledge of Sener and its people , we can help the Vianorte-Laguna Foundation optimize its resources so that this can result in better assistance to its patients and their families,” says Rosana Madroñal, director of the Sener Foundation.

For his part, from the Laguna Care Hospital, David Rodríguez-Rabadán, general director of Laguna, has stated that “the healthcare activity carried out by Laguna focuses on the fragile person at the end of life and their families, the Vianorte Foundation -Laguna needs the collaboration of people and institutions that offer their time, knowledge and resources so that we can continue developing this wonderful mission.” “The Sener Foundation has shown great sensitivity, generosity and professionalism, through its engineers and their knowledge, “With this project that seeks to make the Hospital more efficient and obtain savings and improvements in energy use. We sincerely appreciate this help.”

Data analysis and energy efficiency to allocate more resources to patient care

The project will focus on the analysis of the energy, water and waste management situation, in addition to the maintenance of the health center. All of this, with the aim of converting it into improvements for the patient. The Sener Foundation will prepare two reports that help the center’s Management optimize management. One of the reports will focus on the maintenance and operation of the facilities (cleaning, inspections, available equipment, etc.) and the other will be based on efficiency in the use of energy, water and waste.

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