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Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway road (Philippines)

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8.9 km long
that connects the islands of Cebu and Mactan-Cordova.
The construction is entirely over water
with bored piles driven into the substrate in the area.
Area of high seismicity and strong winds.
Typhoons with estimated winds of 250 km/h.
The main bridge uses bored piles with a diameter of between 2 and 2.5 m,
while the other bridges have bored piles with a diameter ranging from 1.2 to 2 m.
A damping system is used that relies on lead rubber bearings (LRB),
to minimize the forces from the deck to the substructure in seismic situations.


The scope of works developed by the consortium includes:

  • Preliminary works, including climate studies, geotechnical campaign, reduced laboratory model tests and seismic risk analysis, among others.
  • Detailed design of all the infrastructure needed for the expressway: causeways, sea walls, viaducts and bridges, drainage, intertidal communication passage, road surfaces, road signs, safety barriers, lighting, as well as
  • part of the installations: electricity and lighting supply and smart transport systems (ITS), together with their associated ducting. In addition, the expressway has been fully equipped with FOE consisting of automated toll collection, traffic management and telecommunication systems; as well as some facilities to operate: Technical Service Building, electrical Service Center , pump House, guard House and toll Booths.

All about the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway

The entire project consists of a road that connects the islands of Cebu and Mactan-Cordova, by joining the southern part of Cebu City, on the island of the same name, with Cordova. This connection may be extended in the future to Mactan-Cebu Airport, a strategic hub for the entire area of Visayas. The road meets high standards of safety, comfort and speed and will help to relieve traffic congestion on the existing bridges.

The road runs entirely over water (viaduct or causeway) and is a combination of long span high level bridge which will span the navigable portion of the Cebu Strait, a viaduct to connect the main bridge over the tidal portion of the island, a causeway over the shallow area, minor bridges and a roadway on embankment. It includes connections as follows: Cebu South Coastal Road (CSCR) viaduct in Cebu City; at-grade connection at Mactan Circumferential Road in Cordova; and at-grade connections at Sanciangko and Padilla Streets in Cebu City.

The typical carriageway cross section consists of four lanes, 3.5 m wide each. Shoulders are 0.50 m wide and outer sidewalks separated by barriers are about 1.70 m wide. The median width is 1.60 m with concrete barriers. The carriageway shall be a flexible pavement motorway with median crossings, emergency parking areas, and guardrails on both sides of the carriageway.

The Project contains other relevant structures: CSCR on/off ramps (500m); Cebu Viaduct (437.64 m), Cordova Viaduct (918.60m), Cordova Reclamation Channel Bridge (180 m), Gabi-Pilipog Bridge (300 m), Fishermen´s Bridge (60 m) and Pilipog Bridge (205 m).

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