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SENER has developed VISSEQ (drought viewer), essential in situations of water scarcity


SENER’s long experience in the efficient management of water resources, particularly in the search for solutions during drought episodes, has led to the development of VISSEQ, an acronym for drought viewer. A tool coordinated with the Drought Management Plan to inform and currently operational through the Catalan Water Agency ACA.

On the map of the hydrological units of exploitation, VISSEQ shows the situation of water resources and indicates their level of criticality, comparing them with the thresholds from which the alarms are set up to the emergency level. Thanks to VISSEQ, any user of the internal basins of Catalonia can consult the restrictions, as well as the recommendations that must be complied with to minimize the effects of the drought.

It is no secret that Spain is experiencing a worrying meteorological situation which, if it continues, will have an impact on urban, industrial and agricultural supply systems, among others. In the area of Water Technologies, SENER’s dedication has ranged from planning to operational management, including the search for extraordinary resources, non-conventional resources, emergency works projects and advice to Water Administrations.

In this sense, SENER is aligned with Sustainable Development Goal number 6, which calls for ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all people as a means to achieve the development of society and the fight against poverty and disease.

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