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Quark opens an office in Germany


The leading data center design and engineering firm in Southern Europe is moving forward with its international growth plan, having been awarded its first contracts in France and Germany.

Quark, the leading data center engineering and design firm in southern Europe, has opened a branch office in Germany, after having been awarded its first contracts in the country, as well as in France. The aim is to reinforce its international expansion plan, after being acquired by the engineering and technology group Sener in 2023.

Quark currently leads the data center engineering market in Spain, and is also a reference in other southern European markets, such as Portugal. Quark has a portfolio of 45 designed data centers, with an accumulated power of 600 MW and 250,000 square meters of built space.

The new office, located in a key market in the data center industry, will allow Quark to support its current projects in the country. It will host highly qualified, multidisciplinary professional profiles.

Ricardo Abad, CEO of Quark, says: “We are pleased to take such an important step for us as the opening of an office in the center of Europe. It is a milestone that has taken years of work with our customers, helping them to design innovative, efficient, and increasingly sustainable centers. We hope that the new branch in Germany will help us to solve the technological challenges of our customers in the country, both current and future, in a way that is closer to their needs”.

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