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Real Estate

We enable assets to be adapted to the needs of people and businesses

People-centered innovation

We have a wealth of Real Estate experience, which stems from our participation in major transformation projects for multinational clients across a wide range of industries. Our philosophy is people-centered: they are the drivers of change when coming up with new processes or rolling out new technologies and systems. We see the asset as a whole and address its four dimensions to make it more sustainable: financial management, space management, operation management and behavior management.

We have teams of highly trained professionals who accompany real estate companies towards transforming their activity. We come up with solutions and strategies adapted to the needs of each client with a view to achieving an innovative,efficient and sustainable future.  

We accelerate the digital transformation of our clients through what we call ‘dynamic asset management’. At Sener, we foster BIM (Building Information Modeling) in organizations, deploy digital twin solutions and implement solutions for advanced maintenance and energy management. 

To sum up, we accompany you on your journey towards transforming your business through innovation, while reducing your fixed costs and making your operations more efficient and sustainable as well as optimizing variable costs. 

More about SENER Digital


Our aim is to make our engineering capacity available to customer to create more productive companies, through a re-engineering of their processes through technology, without forgetting their sustainability goals.


We go about providing our services by coming up with a digital transformation strategy, transforming processes and teams to meet corporate objectives.  


Sener’s innovative vision, together with our extensive experience in the marine engineering business has led to us becoming a key player in the digital transformation of the industry.


We innovate in close collaboration with institutions and professionals to envision and build a digital future in healthcare and research centers. This has led to us becoming the perfect partner for an ever-changing industry.