Sustainable Development Goals

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility and business policy, SENER incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) approved by the UN, the intention of which is to foster economic growth, to work for social inclusion, to combat climate change and to protect the environment. SENER's contribution to achieving these goals corresponds to its commitment to the social progress and quality of life and security of people through the undertaking of sustainable projects and an ethical corporate governance.

SENER is currently supporting the following four goals:

3. Health and Wellbeing

SENER proactively sets internal criteria and standards that guarantee the workplace health and safety of its people and facilities in all work and project areas. In line with these action principles and the fulfilment of the applicable regulations and legislation in this respect, SENER is one of the companies signed up to the Luxembourg Declaration.

In addition, the company promotes awareness-raising and the implementation of good practices among its people through initiatives such as the Internal Safety in Projects Awards, the objective of which is to achieve “zero" rates of work-related accidents.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

The company contributes to the industrial revolution in clean energies. SENER's technological solutions in the area of thermoelectric solar power allow savings of more than a million tons of C02 annually, thanks to  their application in 29 solar plants in Spain, South Africa, Morocco and the United States.


9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Innovation is one of the main values on which SENER's corporate culture and business strategy is based. The company excels in offering advanced engineering and technology services in all its areas of activity. This innovative nature is possible thanks to a constant investment in R&D&I and to the talent of its teams of professionals. In recognition of the work of its people, SENER awards the ‘Prizes for Innovation’ and, with the aim of disseminating the strategies and progress made in this area, it organizes an ‘Innovation Forum’.

Similarly, SENER contributes to the creation of a local industrial fabric to generate long-term wealth in the geographical areas in which it undertakes its projects.

12. Responsible Production and Consumption

SENER considers the impact of all its activities on the environment, designing solutions that respect the environment and promote economic growth and sustainable development. For this reason, the company manages all its processes in compliance with the established standards to guarantee safety and environmental quality in its projects. It also has a waste and material recycling management plan and promotes the responsible use of water.

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