Projects and programs

SENER currently has patents in different countries and is participating in R&D projects, some of which fall within regional, national and European innovation programs.

Sala de Realidad Virtual de FORANSENER’s patents cover all of the company’s business areas, from satellite-based multimedia communication systems and crosswind protection systems for high-speed trains, to noise reduction conduits for static components of aeronautical engines, a docking system for spacecraft and a molten salt central receiver for solar power plants, along with numerous innovations in the field of thermosolar power and techniques for the design and analysis of virtual prototypes for the marine industry.

Of the numerous R&D&I projects that SENER has carried out since its creation in 1956, highlights include the thermosolar power plants and their associated technology; the FORAN System for ship design and construction which has been at the forefront of naval technology for over 50 years; the EJ200 engine for the Eurofighter Typhoon European combat aircraft; Aerotraviesa®, which minimizes the effect of flying ballast on high-speed lines; and treatment plants for municipal solid waste.


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