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Sener becomes a shareholder in 5G Ventures



The 5G Ventures startup incubator creates and invests in global and highly scalable startups, leveraged in the 5G ecosystem and that are helping to accelerate the development of Industry 4.0.

5G Ventures has announced a round of investment in which Sener, as an investor and strategic industrial partner, and Farside, venture builder co-founder and co-investor in 5G Ventures, as well as other investors, took part.

As a strategic partner in 5G Ventures, Sener will help drive the creation of business opportunities and use cases for industry.

Sener, a Spanish industrial group specializing in engineering and technology solutions, has announced its ownership stake in 5G Ventures, the first European venture builder focused on building and investing in advanced connectivity and 5G startups that accelerate Industry 4.0. Sener’s entry as a strategic partner will make it easier for the venture builder to develop new business models and use cases for the industry involving advanced connectivity.

Sener entra en el accionariado de 5G Ventures
Alberto Villalobos from 5G Ventures and Òscar Julià from Sener.

Through its participation, Sener is enhancing its digitalization strategy and the development of new technologies, committing to open innovation through collaboration with leading technology players. The Spanish industrial group has extensive experience developing digital solutions that integrate and connect large volumes of data to improve decision-making.

Forming part of 5G Ventures will allow Sener to participate in the co-creation of new startups, and to develop partnerships with companies in its portfolio to pursue new business opportunities.

The purchase coincides with the closure of a €1 million investment round by 5G Ventures. In addition to Sener, the financing round involved Farside, venture builder co-founder and co-investor in 5G Ventures, which reasserts its commitment to the company, and other investors. With this injection of capital, 5G Ventures will boost its portfolio by creating two startups to develop use cases in the connected mobility and agrotech sectors.

5G Ventures also plans to promote the four startups in its current portfolio, which provide advanced connectivity solutions for private 5G networks (Neutroon and BE-IN-G), industrial cybersecurity (Blue Guardian) and edge computing (Gluonise).

5G technology is a key catalyst for the digital transformation of industry because it makes it possible to hyperdigitize strategic sectors, but Spain is still in an early stage of development in this area. As a venture builder, 5G Ventures is enhancing this transformation by creating startups in the 5G and advanced connectivity ecosystem that provide solutions for the limitations facing industry.

Òscar Julià, Sener’s Innovation and Digitalization Director, notes that “connectivity is the basis for all disruptive business cases that have come up in recent years, and those that will come in the future. The vast amounts of data that will be generated will require greater connectivity capabilities. We expect 5G Ventures to help channel the creation of new businesses that provide value to companies and users, as well as to developers of digital technology, services and solutions.”

Alberto Villalobos, CEO and co-founder of 5G Ventures, states: “With Sener, we share a commitment to promote innovation in the industrial sector. Allying with this leading industrial group brings us closer to industry, which we benefit by developing products, services and use cases made possible by advanced technologies such as 5G. For Sener, 5G Ventures is an opportunity to commit to open innovation in this segment from a preferential position.”

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