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Sener is certified by the ENS


The ENS, endorsed by the Spanish National Cryptology Center (CCN) and voluntary for companies, is awarded to organizations that have demonstrated their ability to mitigate and prevent cyber risks through the implementation of robust information security controls.

The engineering and technology group Sener has obtained the medium level of the National Security Scheme (ENS), endorsed by the Spanish National Cryptological Center (CCN). With this recognition, Sener positions itself among the companies that offer services to the public sector with better protocols to guarantee data security, confidentiality, and availability, as well as services offered by electronic means.

This certification confirms Sener’s continued commitment to a production model in which security and cybersecurity are fundamental elements to guarantee adequate provision of services. Likewise, it establishes a climate of trust and security before public administrations and their clients.

The ENS, voluntary for companies, guarantees citizens who interact with public administrations and their suppliers that their data, communications, and activities are protected against actions aimed at violating the integrity and confidentiality of their information. This certificate helps to demonstrate, both on the part of the administrations and their suppliers, the existence of an organizational, operational framework and security measures that protects against such violations, being endorsed by independent entities authorized by the CCN.

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