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Sener introduces its corporate purpose after a collaborative process open to all its people


The purpose “To transform the world by challenging the boundaries of technology” is the result of a process through which all Sener professionals have been invited to participate to reflect on the group’s mission, vision and values and redefine them together.

The purpose reflects Sener’s ambition to solve the most complex challenges of its clients in a service-oriented way, as demonstrated through innovative projects such as ESA’s EUCLID mission, the Petronor electrolyzer that will generate the first green hydrogen in the Basque Country or the Bridge of Cebu in the Philippines, recognized with the IABSE awards, the ‘Nobel’ of infrastructure engineering.

The technology and engineering group Sener has introduced its new corporate purpose, after a collaborative internal process, open to its more than 3,400 professionals. The new purpose, “To transform the world by challenging the boundaries of technology”, is the result of a joint reflection process that reflects Sener’s ambition to generate positive impact through solutions to the most technically complex challenges of its clients, based on the innovation and technological excellence.

During the process, Sener’s professionals have contributed to redefining its vision, mission, and values. According to the new vision, Sener aspires to be a global ecosystem, leader in advanced technology and engineering, recognized for tackling the most complex projects, inspiring people and promoting their growth. Its mission is to help its clients with innovative and effective solutions, with the talent of the most outstanding professionals and always with a spirit of social service. And, to do so, it relies on its differential values: excellence, commitment, passion, teamwork, and innovation.

Regarding this, the company invested more than 16 million euros in innovation last year. Likewise, it actively collaborates with partners, research centers and universities, such as Tekniker, Eurecat or the UPV and the CSIC (with whom it recently agreed to develop a pilot plant for the generation of green hydrogen using microwaves), among others.

To carry out the process, Sener has held work sessions and various dynamics to learn the opinion of its professionals regarding Sener’s role in society, the main challenges that its clients address, the global challenges that they consider most pressing and their own perception about the company.

At the forefront of the technology transforming the world

Sener is a diversified company, specialized in areas with a strong technological component, such as the aerospace, defense, energy, mobility, advanced installations, digital or marine industries. For them, the group researches and develops solutions in innovative fields, such as floating offshore wind energy, green hydrogen or energy efficiency for data centers. This way, the company can participate and lead complex projects that positively impact society.

An example is the European Space Agency’s EUCLID space observatory, whose mission is to map the universe, in which Sener has been the main contractor for the attitude (or pointing) and orbit control system (AOCS), leading the design and development with unprecedented pointing stability features; or the construction of the 2.5 MW electrolyzer at the Petronor refinery in Muskiz, which contributes to the change in the energy and economic model to advance decarbonization, providing the first green hydrogen generated in the Basque Country. Or, more recently, the Cebu Bridge (Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway), winner of the IABSE (the most prestigious international association of structural and bridge engineering) awards in the category of Innovation in Construction and inaugurated in 2022, and which is helping to decongest one of the most important economic centers in the Philippines. The technical challenges of this latest project are an example of Sener’s technical solvency in technically complex projects: it is an entire construction on the sea, in an area of high seismicity, also affected by strong winds.

The disruptive moment that the global economy is going through especially impacts areas like these, with a high technological component. Today, companies act, even more so, as agents of change and social progress. For this reason, the company has decided to update its corporate purpose, with the aim of further linking its value and business proposition to the positive social and environmental impact it generates. Regarding this, the president of Sener, Andrés Sendagorta, declares: “we have the challenge of improving the world by doing what we do best: solving difficult challenges. To address these types of challenges, we must work as a team or, most likely, we will not succeed. For this reason, I especially value this initiative, in which the result is as valuable as the process, which has involved all the people at Sener. I am convinced that it has been a good idea that will help us continue working to transform the world and make it a better place.”

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