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Sener adopts the code of best practices for managing talent of the Spanish Association of Executives and Board Members

On Wednesday, April 12, Sener signed its adoption of the “Code of Best Practices for Managing Talent and Improving Competitiveness” of EJE&CON, the Spanish Association of Executives and Board Members. The signing took place during the ceremony to present the “Manifesto for Equal Opportunity in the Mobility Sector” at the Madrid headquarters of the Association of Civil Engineers.

The initiative is part of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion actions and Sener’s commitment to equal opportunity between men and women. Specifically, the EJE&CON Code that Sener endorsed encompasses the following principles: organizations, through the commitment of Senior Management, shall promote equal opportunity; set up mechanisms to make equal opportunity policies transparent; acknowledge talent independent of gender; and promote a culture that encourages a balanced relationship between the organization and the individual.

At Sener, these principles are implemented in its equality plans, Sener Equal plan and the actions taken as part of these plans. Through this endorsement, we are taking another step toward equal opportunity between women and men in their career paths in structural, leadership and management positions.

Attending the EJE&CON event on behalf of Sener were Cristina Ginés, Business Development Director for Europe, and Luis Bazán, Infrastructure Operations Director. Officials in attendance included Raquel Sánchez Jiménez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda; Cristina Sancho, President of EJE&CON; María Dolores Esteban Pérez, Dean of the Professional Association of Civil Engineers of Madrid; and Marisa Domínguez, President of Adif.

Also, together with the leaders of the Mobility Forum of EJE&CON, María José Sánchez and Begoña Tissar, the event was attended by many representatives of companies in the Mobility sector.

You can view EJE&CON’s Code of Best Practices on its website.

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