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Sener Aerospace and Defence presents its latest technological innovations for defence, such as its Naviground advanced precise navigation system, at FEINDEF


The company will present its precise navigation system for manned and unmanned vehicles, as well as various COMINT solutions, at the main event of Spain’s defence industry from May 17 to 19.

Sener Aerospace and Defence is taking advantage of the opportunity that FEINDEF provides to promote collaboration in Spain’s defence industry and its internationalization, which the company actively promotes by, for example, leading consortiums such as SMS and SATNUS, or spearheading Europe-wide projects like the COMMANDS and EU HYDEF programs.

Sener Aerospace and Defence will present its latest technological innovations for the industry at FEINDEF, the leading gathering of the defence and security sector in Spain. The company of the Sener technology and engineering group, which has over 2,700 professionals (more than 900 of whom are in the aerospace and defence sector), is a reference vendor of high-performance systems and products with a strong industry-oriented focus.

On May 17, 18 and 19, Sener Aerospace and Defence will present NAVIGROUND, an innovative solution that can be used to coordinate and connect vehicles to provide them with a precise navigation system. NAVIGROUND integrates data from multiple sensors and processes it in real time to deliver more reliable information than could be obtained by each sensor independently. It does so by relying on advanced data management techniques, information merging and artificial intelligence algorithms.

NAVIGROUND is a modular and scalable solution that can operate in structured and unstructured (off-road) environments and in no- or jammed-GNSS/GPS signal settings. To guarantee its performance in demanding environments, Sener Aerospace and Defence relied on the knowledge it gained while developing navigation systems for space programs (like the GNC/AOCS systems on the Herschel and Planck science satellites and on the IXV and Space Rider space vehicles), and in the field of robotics (such as the robot for laparoscopic surgery, the Dextrous Arm robotic arm for the International Space Station, the mirror-cleaning robots at the Hector and Paris solar plants, and the development of autonomous vehicles in MUROC, SUGV and APOS-EU for the European Defence Agency).

In addition to NAVIGROUND, Sener Aerospace and Defence will show FEINDEF attendees the details of its NATO Pod (CPM), a device designed as a multi-purpose complement for the current and future MQ-9 Reaper RPA models from General Atomics. Attendees will also be able to learn first-hand about the work of the center of excellence for missile actuation and control systems at Sener Aerospace and Defence, its data link systems (the company was recently selected to develop the DL LoS systems for the Eurodrone program), and various COMINT solutions.

 FEINDEF, an opportunity to promote Spanish industrial collaboration

In addition to developing electromechanical, actuation and control systems, COMINT and providing various services to the sector, the company actively encourages collaboration and the export potential of Spain’s defence industry.

For example, the company led the creation of the SMS (Spanish Missile Systems) consortium, which already includes Escribano M&E, GMV and Instalaza, and whose aim is to develop industrial capabilities for Spain’s Armed Forces. The company also created, together with GMV and Tecnobit-Grupo Oesía, the SATNUS consortium, which is heading the remote operator area of the future European FCAS.

Internationally, Sener Aerospace and Defence is leading the COMMANDS program as part of the European Defence Fund (EDF), whose aim is to provide a solution to address most of the challenges involved in using unmanned land systems in combination with manned military vehicles and aerial systems. It will also coordinate one of the main projects from the 2021 EDF call, EU HYDEF, to develop solutions to defend against supersonic attacks.

Rafael Orbe, Managing Director of Defence, notes that “with our participation at FEINDEF, we want to convey our full support and commitment to the Ministry of Defence and our Armed Forces. As a family firm founded in Spain with Spanish capital, we remain industry oriented and strongly committed to developing the country’s economic fabric by focusing on two drivers: collaboration and the internationalization of our national industry.”

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