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Sener Aeroespacial takes part in MultiMag project of multi-material additive manufacturing


Sener Aeroespacial is part of the consortium for the MultiMag project, funded by the European Union, to search for novel approaches in high performance sustainable materials and multi material manufacturing technologies suitable for complex geometrics and capabilities to design and simulate structures and components based on those.

Electric machines and drives, including various types of electric motors, play an ever-increasing role in our society. In the way of making Europe the first climate neutral continent in the world, electrification of mobility and other sectors is crucial for emission reduction. In addition, electric machines and drives are vital in green energy production.

MultiMag takes full advantage of multi-material additive manufacturing (MM-AM). Stacked rotor and stator structures, combining dissimilar magnetic and electric insulating materials and built layer upon layer, are developed and demonstrated. Optimized multi-material structures are developed, manufactured and validated to ensure mechanical, thermal, electrical and magnetic performance. Internal structures, enabling e.g., more efficient cooling, are studied and designed. Material savings by topology optimization is demonstrated for weight reduction and economizing the use of REEs in magnets. However, ambitious objectives of MultiMag cannot be achieved only by implementing MM-AM, but it requires a holistic approach and innovations in all sectors, namely in design, materials, manufacturing, use and end-of-life. Each of these vital areas are addressed by MultiMag activities.

In order to have a sharp approach and focus on real industrial issues, MultiMag consortium has defined the following three real-life use cases in the field of electric machines:

Use Case 1: General purpose induction motor:
MM-AM of the low voltage motor improves its thermal, mechanical and electromagnetic properties. Higher torque performance and weight reduction of multi-material magnetic component enables its use in advanced automation and mobility applications.

Use Case 2: Synchronous permanent magnet brushless motor with axially aligned stator poles:
Improve the implementation of the brushless motor construction and manufacturing of complex geometries and shapes of the stator poles by MM-AM for e-mobility.

Use Case 3: Multipurpose Electrical rotary actuator:
MM-AM allows manufacturing of the hybrid stepper motor technology at a low price with a certain customization between different products for the new space market.

Sener Aeroespacial is one of the UC owners in MultiMag and will provide their extensive expertise in the design of magnetic systems.

MultiMag consortium has partners from 9 different countries with a wide geographical distribution within the European continent. It is bringing together raw material suppliers, end-users and RTOs for joint development of novel solutions in the field of magnetic applications and electric machines. Participants from all parts of the value chain enable rapid development and uptake by the industry. It consists of three industrial, highly recognized electric machine OEMs (SIE, ICPE, SEN), out of which Siemens is one of the world leading electric motor manufacturer, three magnetic material suppliers (LCM, ELK, ESPD), also world’s leading providers in their sectors, four international RTOs and universities (VTT, CEA, MGEP, HTW) all well recognized, and three SME research actors (STAM, 3RC, TALOS), focusing on sustainability, recycling and exploitation, dissemination and communication.

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