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Bilbao gathers the technological trends of the future during the ‘V Sener Innovation Forum’


The event brought together more than 200 professionals on October 9 and 10 to discuss the most relevant upcoming technological disruptions, in areas such as autonomous navigation, connectivity in the modern geopolitical context, 5G and AI or the development of renewable energy. , as well as the impact of R&D in these areas, to which Sener allocated more than 16 million in the last year.

This Monday and Tuesday, Sener held the fifth edition of its biannual monographic meeting on the future of innovation, the ‘V Sener Innovation Forum’. The event, which brought together more than 200 professionals and experts at the San Mamés stadium on October 9 and 10, included the participation of Estíbaliz Hernáez, deputy counselor of Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Basque Government, who was in charge of leading the opening ceremony.

The Forum offered more than a dozen discussion panels on topics such as energy (for example, green hydrogen and offshore wind), autonomous navigation on unmanned platforms, connectivity in the current geopolitical context or digitalization (more specifically, cognitive infrastructures, 5G and hyperconnectivity, data centers as strategic energy value or the application of disruptive technologies, such as quantum computing, cybersecurity and robotics). Likewise, one of the central axes of the event has been the transversality and synergy between these and other sectors and technologies.

As explained by Òscar Juliá, director of Innovation and Digitalization, and Ferrán Costas, director of Innovation and Technology, innovation plays a determining role today in the field of engineering and, more specifically, in when proposing more sustainable technical solutions for society’s modern challenges. As an example, they presented the latest R&D efforts of the group, which, in the last year, invested more than 16 million in this area; Likewise, nearly a third of the staff (made up of more than 3,000 professionals on 5 continents) participated in R&D projects.

The group took advantage of the occasion to recognize the technical excellence of nine of its engineers. Thus, on Monday a recognition ceremony took place for Sener’s Chief Technical Engineers (CTE), a position awarded biannually by Sener to those professionals with outstanding knowledge in their respective fields of activity, specifically, space mechanisms , railways, geotechnics and tunnels, acoustics, noise and vibrations, energy, chemical processes, installations and safety in tunnels, electronic engineering of electromechanical systems and control engineering.

In the last of the two days, some of the most relevant points for the development of the digital economy were discussed, such as the role of clean and renewable energy sources in meeting the needs of data centers (area in which Sener is present since the acquisition of Quark, a leader in the design of these facilities), the deployment of 5G or the impact of cognitive infrastructures for the growth and consolidation of smart cities. The event was closed by Andrés Sendagorta, president of Sener, who stressed the relevance of innovation as an engine of growth and competitiveness for organizations and for the development of their people and talent.

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