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Sener is one of four Spanish companies selected by the European Commission to develop hydrogen projects


Sener is one of four Spanish companies selected to develop “important projects of common European interest” in the hydrogen sector.

The European Commission has announced the approval, in accordance with EU State aid rules, of an important project of common European interest (IPCEI) to support research and innovation, as well as the industrial deployment, in the hydrogen technology value chain. The project, called “IPCEI Hy2Tech“, is backed by industry in fifteen Member States: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.

By virtue of this IPCEI Hy2Tech project, the Member States have committed to contributing up to 5.4 billion euros in public funding, which is expected to unlock an additional 8.8 billion euros in private investment. With this funding, 35 companies have been selected to develop 41 projects related to the entire hydrogen technology value chain, including the generation of hydrogen, fuel cells, storage, transportation and distribution of hydrogen, and end-user applications, in particular in the mobility sector.

Sener has been selected for its project for the technological manufacture and development of next-generation electrolyzers. This project includes the electrolyzer factory, as well as R&D projects in collaboration with European and Spanish technology centers, and initiatives in the Basque hydrogen corridor. The IPCEI Hy2Tech program will finance the R&D and industrial deployment activities. Sener expects this project to create at least 300 direct jobs, as well as a further 500 indirect jobs as it develops the supply chain with local companies.

In the words of the Director of Hydrogen Development and Investment at Sener Renewable Investments, Telmo Chávarri: “We are proud to be one of four Spanish companies, and 35 European companies, selected by the European Commission in IPCEI Hy2Tech, as it confirms that we are continuing to move in the right direction in the development of hydrogen technology. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is solid in all our projects. Thanks to this financial boost, we hope to cement our position as technological leaders in the new and promising field of hydrogen technology.”

As part of the process of selecting industrial proposals, the Committee wanted to ensure that the projects financed will develop technologies and processes that go beyond what the market currently offers and will allow major improvements in performance, safety, environmental impact as well as in cost efficiencies. Similarly, the participating companies undertake to share the results of the project with the scientific community and with European industry as a whole, beyond the companies and countries that are part of the IPCEI.

In the words of the European Commission, IPCEI Hy2Tech “contributes to a common objective by supporting a key strategic value chain for the future of Europe, as well as the objectives of key EU policy initiatives such as the Green Deal, the EU Hydrogen Strategy and REPowerEU.”

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