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Frequent questions

What is Respira?

Respira is a solution developed by Sener that consists of a control system based on Artificial Intelligence that optimizes the operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems in buildings and large infrastructures.

What is the goal of Respira?

Respira’s objective is to intelligently manage all the variables that affect the environmental conditions of a space and minimize the operating costs of HVAC systems.

How does Respira work?

Respira uses predictive algorithms and continuous data analysis to intelligently adapt and adjust the operation of the existing HVAC systems, considering multiple variables and environmental conditions.

What benefits does Respira offer?

Respira offers various benefits, such as improving thermal comfort, air quality and energy efficiency in indoor spaces.

How much can I save with Respira?

Respira provides significant savings in the energy consumption of air conditioning systems, with estimated reductions between 15% and 35%.

What is the difference between Respira and a BMS?

Respira does not replace the BMS, but complements it.

Respira integrates with the BMS through communication protocols and, thanks to artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms, it adjusts and adapts the operation of the air conditioning systems autonomously and in real time. It also allows you to carry out an advanced analysis of all the variables to see them simultaneously and allows a more precise reporting of the infrastructure.

Is your implementation process complicated?

The Respira implementation process has been designed to be as simple and efficient as possible. Thanks to its “plug & play” approach, installation and launching of the system is quite simple.

How does Respira improve environmental conditions in terms of thermal comfort and air quality?

Respira improves thermal comfort by adapting the operation of the air conditioning system to maintain the desired conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. In addition, it monitors and controls indoor air quality, optimizing ventilation and filtration to ensure adequate levels of air quality and provide a healthy environment.

How does Respira contribute to the predictive maintenance of air conditioning systems?

Respira uses AI algorithms to perform predictive maintenance, detecting possible failures in the air conditioning system in advance.

In which indoor spaces can Respira be implemented?

Respira can be implemented in a variety of indoor spaces, from commercial buildings and offices to industrial and residential facilities.

Can the Respira configuration be customized to the customer’s needs?

Yes, Respira’s configuration can be customized to specific customer needs.

The system allows you to define performance criteria and adjust variables to suit individual requirements and preferences.

What capabilities does Respira have in terms of comprehensive management and data analysis?

Respira offers a Comprehensive Management platform that allows buildings or infrastructures with different control systems to be integrated into a single platform.

It provides representation of information, comparison of KPIs between buildings for detection of anomalies and recommendations to improve efficiency.

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