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Experience in engineering for comprehensive large infrastructure projects


For decades, we have offered our experience and services that make us a leading international firm in the development of relevant infrastructure projects on five continents. We have a multidisciplinary vision, thanks to our specialization in the most diverse areas of engineering, which allows us to approach projects with a holistic vision and in collaboration with other large-scale engineering and architecture firms.

Otras líneas de Mobility

Urban Transport

In more than three decades of experience, we have helped improve the mobility of millions of people in more than 50 cities on five continents, developing more than 70 efficient, safe, sustainable and environmentally integrated transportation systems. We offer comprehensive engineering services (starting with design all the way through to maintenance), with the same passion for innovation that now drives us to set our sights on automation,


We have been providing technical rail engineering services for more than 30 years to improve intercity high-speed rail connections in Europe and America. Our projects include the lines between London and Birmingham or between San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Roads are a structural element of the utmost importance for economic and social development, and require significant investments. We are well aware of this,


An airport is one of the most complex infrastructures in the transportation field. They are projects of great technical and operational complexity that require a transversal knowledge of technologies.

Ports & Coasts

Our history spans more than 500 different port projects, in more than 140 ports in 40 countries. We cover all areas of engineering and consulting (from planning to design and construction oversight),

Water & Environment

We provide consulting services and develop hydraulic engineering projects for all phases of the comprehensive water cycle: from the catchment of water resources to its storage,


We develop quality architecture, adapted to its environment and applying technology to make our spaces more comfortable. We have multidisciplinary teams of architects,