Sustainable Development Goals


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This initiative responds to a United Nations call for companies and organizations to align their strategies and operations with ten universal principles on human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, and adds to the UN mandate to foster the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the business sector.

At Sener, we are committed to consolidating our good governance measures. Our commitment to society, progress and sustainability inspires us to work with dedication and passion so that future generations can enjoy an environment full of resources and opportunities.

We contribute to the following SDGs:

Sener Sustainable Development Goals
3 SDG -Good health

Health and well-being

At Sener, it is of the utmost importance that our employees and partners work in the safest possible environment. That is why we have standards and criteria in place to ensure that all our facilities and projects are safe. Health always comes first, hence our adherence to the Luxembourg Declaration, to foster occupational health and safety.

Our goal is zero occupational accidents. We seek this “zero” rate through our regulations and actions, and we also try to make the people who work with us aware that it is possible to achieve it.

4 SDG - Quality education

Quality education

We believe that companies play a key role in encouraging and fostering the education of their future professionals and developing student talent. For this reason, at Sener, we take on interns with a view to improving their knowledge and technical skills, involving them in the large engineering projects we work on.

We also have internal training programs and access to scholarships for our professionals in order to contribute to their personal and professional development.

We also support academic excellence through different awards and initiatives that recognize the best university transcripts and the best undergraduate or master’s theses. Furthermore, given the decrease in technical profiles, we enourage young people to study science and technology while, at the same time, informing them of the advances in engineering and how they improve our day-to-day lives.

Affordable and non-polluting energy

Our commitment to the planet means that we use our capabilities to drive the energy transition and decarbonization in industry.

Furthermore, our solar thermal technology solutions  have been proven to contribute to preventing the emission of more than 1,000,000 tons of CO2 thanks to the 29 plants with Sener technology in Spain, USA, South Africa and Morocco.

Industrial, innovation and infrastructure

Innovation is a big part of every Sener area, department, project and solution. It is in our DNA and it is what drives us to offer advanced engineering services in which the excellence of our solutions is of the utmost importance.

All this would not be possible without the people who work on our products and services day in and day out. Furthermore, it would not be possible without the continuous investment in Innovation & Development in all our areas of activity.

As part of our activities, we foster the “Innovation Forum”, where we disseminate and share strategies and processes, and also our Innovation Awards, to honor the work that our staff does on a daily basis.

Our contribution to developing the regions we carry out our projects for entails creating a long-term local industrial network, employment and wealth, so that our contribution to this SDG is pertinent.

Fully aware that innovation is the key, with our “A Challenge for Science” initiative, we bring Sener projects closer to young people in schools. In this way, by encouraging students to study science and technology, we are doing our bit to make science more popular while drawing attention to just how important engineering and technology are in our day-to-day lives.

Sustainable cities and communities

In all the projects we carry out, we are highly aware that growth must be sustained, sustainable, inclusive and respectful of the environment and the different agents of society.

The development of sustainable and efficient transportation models and infrastructures, wastewater management, promotion of the use of public transportation or reduction of energy consumption are challenges that we strive to solve with innovative projects and by developing state-of-the-art technology at the service of society.

Responsible production and consumption

All our processes and activities are carried out taking into account all quality and environmental safety standards. At Sener, we are committed to the environment by designing environmentally-friendly solutions that guarantee sustainable development while fostering economic growth.

So much so, that we have our own waste management and material recycling plan. We foster responsible water consumption, implement measures to cut down on electricity consumption in our facilities, encourage the reduction of transportation and travel by our workers with fossil fuel vehicles, and recommend the use of electric vehicles. This is a significant objective for the future of our local communities and for the fate of the planet.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

We have set out a range of principles and values that are developed in our Code of Conduct and are part of our corporate culture. These principles and values set out the general rules of conduct applicable and those that must be complied with and known by every Sener employee.

The Code of Conduct itself, together with the Sener Group Compliance Policy, form the basis of our current Compliance System. The purpose of this system is to manage and bring together all measures and controls that contribute to preventing and mitigating the risk of any irregular conduct whatsoever. In this way, we seek to foster and ensure the legality of the actions performed by Sener people and their collaborators in the exercise of their professional activities.

4 SDG - Quality education

7 SDG - Affordable and clean energy

9 SDG - industry, innovation and infrastructure

11 SDG - Sustainable cities and communities

12 SDG - Responsible consumption and production

16 SDG - Peace, justice and strong institutions