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Sener opens a branch in Seville focused on the aerospace and defence markets


The company will create 30 highly qualified jobs and focus primarily on the development of GNC (guidance, navigation and control) and systems engineering solutions at its new office, located in Tablada, next to the port.

The Sener industrial engineering and technology group has announced the opening of a new technical office in Seville, in Tablada, near the port of the provincial capital. The new office will focus mainly on the design and development of guidance, navigation and control (GNC) systems and systems engineering for the aerospace and defence markets, where Sener has experienced significant growth in recent years. From its new office, Sener will provide services for current and future projects in these sectors, while its location will make it easier for the company to expand its network of partners and suppliers. Staffing all of these newly created jobs in this office will be 30 highly qualified professionals.

The Managing Director of Aerospace and Defence at Sener, José Julián Echevarría, notes that: “our growth in the space and defence markets requires us to incorporate highly qualified talent, especially in GNC. Seville has a relevant aerospace ecosystem, with industry, research centres and highly prestigious universities in this field. We at Sener also hope to help create a pull effect on Andalusian industry with this decision”.

Significant growth in the aerospace and defence markets

Sener is an engineering and technology group with a strong industrial vocation, with nearly 4,000 professionals in offices on five continents and in-house production centres in Spain and Poland, providing its customers with its own high-value-added solutions. In recent years, it has experienced significant growth in all areas, including Aerospace and Defence, and particularly in GNC.

In the aerospace and defence sectors, Sener is involved in several international projects such as NGWS/FCAS, which is strategic to the development of Europe’s future combat air system, and also in programmes financed by the European Defence Fund (EDF), such as SWAT-SHOAL, where it is the technical manager, which will allow European armed forces to collaborate effectively on systems based on swarming technologies to integrate manned and unmanned naval assets. Sener also participates in European unmanned aerial vehicle programmes, such as Eurodrone and Sirtap. In the space market, Sener has developed and is currently working on numerous GNC systems, like the AOCS of ESA’s EUCLID probe (launched last July), the GNC for the re-entry of Space Rider (Europe’s first reusable space transport system), or the one for Proba-3, a mission to demonstrate satellite formation flying, where Sener is also the lead contractor and which will be launched in the fall of 2024.

In recent months, due to its growth in the aerospace and defence sectors, Sener has opened a high-tech, high-performance centre in Santander aimed at the design and development of electronic components and radio frequency subsystems for antennas, and it has started construction on a new production and engineering services centre in Zamudio (Biscay), with an initial investment of over 25 million euros. The group recently announced the acquisition of the company SCR, Sistemas de Control Remoto. Now, on top of these investments is the Seville office, which also reinforces Sener’s capabilities in Aerospace and Defence.

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