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Sener Aerospace and Defense, founding partner of the Quantum Technologies Center Association


Sener Aerospace and Defense is one of the founding partners of the Quantum Technologies Center Association.

This is a quantum communications laboratory attached to the University of Vigo (Spain), of which Sener, represented by Demetrio Zorita, is also a member of the Business Advisory Board.

The laboratory aims to be one of the spearheads of the Spanish quantum technology ecosystem. Its main objectives are the conception, production, promotion, dissemination, application and exploitation of scientific and technological knowledge in the area of photonics, through the achievement of excellence in research and technological development. It will soon evolve into AEPHOS, Centro de Tecnologías Fotónicas.

The main motivation for being in this project is that Sener is currently developing technologies for quantum key distribution (QKD) in free space, which is considered the only way to establish secure communications in the future, once quantum supercomputers are able to break, by brute force attack, any cryptographic key.

Along with Sener Aerospace and Defense, Gradiant, Keysight, VLC Photonics, Sparc Foundry and Alter Technology are also founding partners. In December, the Association’s Articles of Incorporation were signed in a formal ceremony, but held remotely, with electronic registration.

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