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Sener’s corporate identity is evolving


The Sener engineering and technology group, a benchmark in the aerospace, infrastructure, energy and marine engineering sectors, is evolving its brand with the clear aim of continuing to offer solutions to the most complex challenges of clients and society. Sener also presents a new website, with this renewed corporate identity.

Sener, the group that is today an international benchmark in the engineering and technology sector, presents its new logo, an evolution from the previous one. This new logo offers a renewed image for its innovative and reliable solutions, while staying true to its tradition.

The new design maintains some elements from the previous one, such as the corporate color and the four elements, representing its traditional areas of activity – aerospace, infrastructure, energy and marine – which in recent years have been joined by other areas, such as digital and diagnostics.

The main differences compared to the previous logo are basically the loss of the boxes that framed both the symbols and the brand, as well as the change in the graphic design, which discards capital letters; the use of lowercase letters allows for a softer, more flexible and restrained font.

Sener has opted for adaptation of its foundational logo, which gives continuity to a brand that has 66 years of history and is a symbol of innovation and reliability. This renewed logo will be used to represent the entire Sener Group, which maintains the same purpose of continuing to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to its clients and society in general.

The latest news from the Sener Group can be found on its new website,, which offers agile, scrolling navigation and versatility in the presentation of content. In its different sections, the website shows the activity of the group and its numerous markets, its business lines and projects, news and events.


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