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November 7, 2023
Barcelona, ESP

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Consultancy engineering services and innovative technologies for sustainable, smart and cognitive cities
Soluciones de Eficiencia Energética

Energy Management System

System based on a model of the installation and different predictors that allows obtaining the only global optimal solution to the problem that arises under different possible objectives: maximizing self-sufficiency and/or sustainability objectives, minimizing energy bill expenses, maximizing benefits of a plant hybridized with service sales stacking, minimize system aging, among others.

Movilidad en Tenerife

Mobility solution for Tenerife

Transport planner to solve inefficiencies generated by low population density areas with regular public transportation routes.

Conducción autónoma

Autonomous driving

Road audit to standardize them and reduce the accident rate due to human error.


Urban Air Mobility

Design and planning of vertiports as a response to the congestion of new land mobility infrastructures.