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Our purpose


Let’s built the future together

More and more of us are seeking to have a positive impact on humanity and the planet. At Sener, we have been responding to highly demanding challenges for almost 70 years with innovative and effective solutions that allow us to move forward as a society, accompanied by the talent and passion of a great team.

At Sener, we have the purpose of transforming the world by challenging the boundaries of technology.


A better future together

We aspire to be a benchmark, not only because of our technological excellence, but because of our people, our values, the positive impact we will bring about in the world.


At Sener, we aspire to be a global ecosystem, leader in advanced engineering and technology, recognised for tackling the most complex projects, inspiring people and promoting their growth.


We have the mission of helping its clients with innovative and effective solutions, with the talent of leading professionals, and always with a spirit of serving society.

Our values

As a company, our commitment can be summed up in five values: 

Innovation is a cross-cutting value throughout the Sener Group. We lead technological changes towards the sustainable development of society and the planet.
The spirit to service must be the driving force behind our activity which is why we always seek the best solutions for our clients.
We contribute to society through our projects and by developing the talent of our workers.
Passion is the inner force that connects us with what we do, the desire to go beyond in each project and contribute the best we have, until we feel proud of our work.
Teamwork is an inherent element of our activity when tackling technically complex projects that require the work of many people who combine their knowledge and experience.