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SENER wins the contract for the basic and detailed engineering of the GNA II combined cycle power plant in Brazil


SENER in Brazil has signed a contract with the Consorcio Geração Açu II (CGA), consisting of the companies Andrade Gutierrez Engenharia S.A., AG Construções e Serviços S.A., whereby the engineering company will do the basic and detailed engineering for the UTE GNA II combined cycle plant.

GNA II, in the Port of Açú, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, is a state-of-the-art combined cycle power plant with gas turbines that will supply a total capacity of 1,672 MW to the Brazilian Integrated Electricity System. GNA II will be associated with the GNA I power plant, already in operation, and its commissioning will make the Port of Açú the largest gas-powered generating complex in Brazil, with a total of 3 GW (installed capacity).

Under the contract, SENER will do for GNA II similar work to that it already carried out for the GNA I project, which includes the basic engineering work for the services at the plant, detailed engineering for the civil construction of the entire plant, and detailed engineering for all other service-related disciplines, including the integration, interconnection and synergies of the entire facility, the control area and other common services. The goal is to achieve a complete and multidisciplinary integration between the UTE GNA I plant, the new UTE GNA II plant, the services and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

This project reinforces SENER as a key engineering company in Brazil’s energy sector.

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