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SENER, AIDHOS, Estudio Lamela, and ARCS will carry out the construction project for a new hospital in Malaga


The Regional Government of Andalusia has awarded the contract to plan and construct a new hospital in Malaga to the Malaka temporary joint venture (TJV), consisting of the architecture studio AIDHOS Arquitec, specializing in hospital architecture, Estudio Lamela, and the SENER and ARCS Estudios engineering firms.

The Malaka TJV was also responsible for the draft version of the new hospital in Malaga, intended to be the new leading health center in Malaga for acute care, highly specialized and offering sophisticated healthcare technologies.

The building will be bioclimatic, efficient and highly technological, and will serve the people of Malaga for the next several decades. It has a flexible design so that it can easily adapt to the constant changes that occur in medical technology, and to provide new medical treatments that are much more personalized than today’s. In this sense, principles and design improvements aimed at the humanization of spaces will be implemented and corrective measures will be developed against the sound condition and its impact. The hospital will also be completely digitized through robustly implemented Information and Communication Technologies.

The new complex, located next to the Civil Hospital, will entail an estimated investment of 380 million euros and will have a total built area of 270,300 square meters (197,600 dedicated to the hospital building proper and 73,600 to the parking lot and loading and unloading dock). The approximate project construction time is 60 months.

It will be divided into four towers, with 15 floors, 12 above ground and three basements. The hospitalization area, which takes up eight full floors, will have an area with 27 hospitalization units, 810 rooms and a day hospital with 108 positions, as well as four ICU units with 66 rooms, 42 operating rooms, 48 major outpatient surgery posts, 189 external consultations, 31 special examination rooms and a teaching and research area.

The combined experience of the various companies in the TJV guarantees that the facility will be an efficient, innovative and sustainable building equipped with the technologies needed to offer patients maximum comfort.

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