Quality, Environment, Health and Safety

The Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy of SENER has been established within the framework of the company's strategy, with the purpose and context defined by General Management, according to the nature and magnitude of the environmental impacts and the workplace risks to safety and health in all its activities, products and services.

SENER’s Policy includes the commitment to carry out processes, products and services:

  • with due quality,
  • in an environmentally friendly manner,
  • under adequate safety and health conditions,
  • complying with the applicable requirements,
  • reviewing the effectiveness of the integrated quality system for performance improvement, and
  • ensuring the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders.

To this end, the following general objectives are established:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable requirements,
  • Promote a sense of responsibility in relation to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety,
  • Promote the sustainable use of resources,
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce risks at work,
  • Consult and take into account the opinion of workers and/or their representatives, when necessary,
  • Require suppliers the application of a Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety management system aligned with our commitments, insofar as it is feasible and proportionate to the contract or supply in question.

The following shall be considered as applicable requisites:

  • Customer requirements set out in the contracts,
  • Legal and regulatory requirements,
  • SENER’s own requirements considered as necessary for our strategic business units (financial, operational, commercial, technological, etc.),
  • Requirements emanating from stakeholders,
  • Significant environmental and health and safety aspects,
  • Actions derived from analysis of relevant "risks and opportunities" (external) and "strengths and weaknesses" (internal).

And will be:

  • Consistent with this policy,
  • Adequate, in order to ensure the conformity of products and services and to achieve increased customer satisfaction.


  • Quality

    In all of SENER’s activities, particular importance is placed on Quality, both internally and in the execution of projects. Indeed, quality is one of SENER’s core corporate values, along with innovation and independence. It was this ambition that led it to be the first Spanish engineering company to certify its quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard for all its activities and workplaces.

    SENER also complies with specific regulations, such as the EN 9100 aeronautical benchmark and EN 9110 for the aeronautical sector, AQAP/PECAL 2110-2210 for the Defense sector, and ISO 13485 for Healthcare Technology projects.

    The company has also obtained the AENOR certificate in R&D&I according to the UNE 166002 standard.

  • Environment

    All the work places have been certified as meeting international standard ISO 14001 on environmental management. In 2015, SENER’s new corporate headquarters in Catalonia obtained an overall qualification of 4 VERDEGBCe leaves (out of a maximum of 5) awarded by the Green Building Council España (GBCe), thanks to its eco-technological design and the incorporation of passive and energy-efficient solutions. Previously, it had obtained Category A on the Energy Certification scale for buildings from the Government of Catalonia’s Catalan Energy Institute.

  • Health and Safety

    Likewise, all of SENER’s workplaces are certified as meeting international standard OHSAS 18001 on health and safety in the workplace.

    Its Health and Safety Policy was awarded the 2014 Antonio Baró Prize at the 13th MC MUTUAL Awards for Prevention of Risk in the Workplace, in recognition of SENER’s effective prevention and health protection activities for its employees in the work environment.

Customer satisfaction

At SENER, one of the factors that has a decisive influence on our actions that are geared at improving our activities is our clients’ perception of our company and our execution.

In order to gather the opinion of said clients and aside from other direct and indirect means, a dedicated channel has been set up to readily and directly collect all complaints and claims in connection with the organization itself, projects and SENER employees.

These claims are managed by an impartial and independent body responsible for processing them and for guaranteeing the full confidentiality of claimants and affected individuals as well as the impartiality that is applied in their analysis. 

Complaints / Claims
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