SENER wins Warsaw Business Journal Investment of the Year Award

24/10/2013 (Poland)
SENER wins Warsaw Business Journal Investment of the Year Award

The engineering and technology group SENER has been selected as winner in the awards presented by the Warsaw Business Journal (WBJ), a prestigious Polish publication that celebrates for the second time its Investment of the Year Awards. SENER has been awarded in the Small Investment category for opening an Aerospace unit in its Polish office, creating directly five highly skilled new jobs - and expecting to create more in the coming years - and bringing to Poland state of the art technologies in precision mechanics, optical systems and guidance, navigation and control systems (GNC).

The WBJ therefore recognizes SENER effort to capitalize on Poland’s new membership in the European Space Agency (ESA) with the opening of this aerospace unit in Warsaw, where today local engineers are working on a number of projects, among them three mechanical systems and navigation projects which are to be used in future Space missions. The company plans to become a sustainable, highly innovative Space company which would compete in the European market. In this regards, SENER in Poland has just signed the first contract with the ESA for the development of activities to gain competitiveness in quality procedures for ESA programs. This first contract will be followed of a second one, to be signed in the following weeks, that covers activities to improve the capabilities in the development of mechanisms for Space programs, such as Solar Array Deployment Mechanisms.

SENER is a technology group distinguished by its ongoing encouragement for innovation that has become an international benchmark company in Aerospace, among other fields of activity. With 45 years of experience, SENER offers engineering and manufacturing services for the Space industry in three areas: mechatronics; guided, navigation and control (GNC) systems; and optical systems. Today, the company is a global leader, with over 253 flight models delivered for 59 satellites or Space vehicles to date for the Space agencies of the US (NASA), Europe (ESA), Japan (JAXA) and Russia (Roscosmos), all without a single recorded failure. Besides, SENER has succeed in achieving a progressive increase in the level of responsibility, thus dealing with more and more complex systems and being awarded contracts of increasingly greater value.

The Manager of SENER offices in Poland, Joanna Lachowska-Keane, received the award in a gala event that took place on October 23 in Warsaw. Later, she stated: “It is an honor to be recognized for our activity in Poland, where SENER has been developing cutting – edge projects for years. The Warsaw office was opened in 2006 and today we have 59 professionals that provide excellent and innovative projects to the country, designing and building sustainable infrastructures that protect the environment and improve the quality of life of the surrounding areas. Along with our capabilities in the Infrastructures and Transport sector and the Power and Process field, the opening of an Aerospace unit confirms our vision: to accomplish new goals and to conquer new markets in those areas where the SENER Group has the knowledge and expertise to be a leader. Our aim is to give added value to every project, not just benefiting our clients but the society as a whole”.

Over the last years, SENER in Poland has developed projects in roads, such as the design of several sections in the A1 and A2 motorways; metros, with the technical study of Warsaw Metro line 3, for example; railways, with several works for the railway lines E75 of the Baltic railway network, the line 1, the line ?ód? Widzew - ?ód? Fabryczna, Warsaw – ?ód?, and the section from ?ód? Fabryczna railway station up to lines 14, 25 and line 15, or preparation of standards for High Speed Rail in Poland, among others; stations, such as the design of Ursus train station multi level parking; singular buildings, such as the Krakow Soccer Stadium, where SENER has work in order to renew the facilities in light of the Eurocup 2012 celebration; and airports, taken part in the regional Lublin Airport, the Rzeszow Airport, the Podlasie Airport and the Warsaw Chopin Airport.

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