The Project for the Management of Ship Series in FORAN wins the SENER Innovation Award

31/07/2017 (Spain)
The Project for the Management of Ship Series in FORAN wins the SENER Innovation Award

In this year’s Innovation Awards organized within the SENER engineering and technology group, in the Advanced Tools and Processes category, the award has gone to the Project for the Management of Ship and Submarine Series using the FORAN system.

The SENER Innovation Awards recognize products and processes whose features or applications represent major advances and improvements in technology.

The winning project, developed by the SENER Marine Business Unit, seeks to address the shipbuilding industry’s current needs for tools and processes to optimize the management of series of ships. SENER’s innovative solution represents a qualitative leap forward in the shipbuilding industry, especially in the naval area, as it allows the simultaneous construction of series of ships and submarines using the FORAN system.

This new feature incorporated into the FORAN marine CAD/CAM/CAE system, which was devised by SENER over 50 years ago, allows projects to be identically replicated, allowing for labor and cost savings, as well as partially differentiated to meet the needs of specific projects. The ability to maintain the basic features of ships produced in series while also allowing differences between them is of immense benefit to technical offices and shipbuilders.

The award was received by the team behind the project – Emilio Bonelli, Patricia Martín, Roberto Penas, Rodrigo Pérez, Ángel Revuelta and Antonio Velasco – at SENER’s offices in Madrid on July 13, during the Virgen del Carmen celebrations.


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