SENER will work with the Limmat Group and Nanocnet start-ups within the BIND 4.0 program

19/12/2017 (Spain)

The engineering and technology group SENER has selected, within the BIND 4.0 public-private acceleration program, the emerging companies Limmat Group and Nanocnet for collaboration in two joint programs. These are projects for the management of assets and the application of the BIM system (Building Information Management) in Infrastructures, on the one hand, and a work for the application of silver coatings in Space, on the other.

The objective of BIND 4.0 is to promote the development of Industry 4.0 through training, patronage and inter-company connection, purposes that it shares with SENER, whose commitment to innovation and digital transformation is reflected, mainly, through the SENER 4.0 project. an evolution of the company towards the new reality of the engineering sector.

With its collaboration in the BIND 4.0 programme, SENER is taking on the search and investigation for new and innovative technologies and applications for the development of industry 4.0 in fields in which the engineering and construction firm is able to assume increasingly complex technological challenges through its extensive international operations.

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