SENER participates in the completion event for the tunnel ‘Vía derecha’ of the Mexico City-Toluca intercity passenger train

15/06/2018 (Mexico)
SENER participates in the completion event for the tunnel ‘Vía derecha’ of the Mexico City-Toluca intercity passenger train

SENER took part in the event organized by the Mexican Department of Transportation (SCT in its Spanish acronym) yesterday, Thursday 14 June at 1:30 pm, to celebrate the exit of the first of the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) from the western entrance, a milestone that signifies the completion of work on the tunnel ‘Vía derecha’ by the TBM  S-948, as part of the project to build the intercity passenger train line between Mexico City and Toluca. 

SENER was the company responsible for drawing up the detailed design for the intercity train and is currently working as a technical adviser to the SCT. Given SENER's important role in the project, the event was attended by several of its directors, among them the General Manager of Infrastructures and Transport, César Quevedo, and the Project Manager of the intercity train for SENER, Jordi Redó. The Mexican authorities were represented by the Secretary for Communications and Transportation, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, the Undersecretary for Communications and Transportation, Yuriria Mascott Pérez, and the Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo Maza, among other guests. 

After the event, César Quevedo stated: “SENER is participating in a very demanding project that will make travel more efficient for hundreds of thousands of Mexicans. For this purpose, SENER drew up a construction plan that has been able to offer a balanced solution between the infrastructure wanted by the government, the classical precepts of construction, the possibilities offered by technology and the current regulations. The final stretch, which is already under construction, is 57 km, of which almost 50 km are over viaducts of different types. Each viaduct will have a solution adapted to its location along the route, allowing the line to cross the Sierra de las Cruces conservation area while guaranteeing total respect for the environment”. 

For his part, Jordi Redó added: “In the tunnel ‘Vía derecha’, where work has been completed today, SENER managed to reduce its length of 27 km (the length established in all the previous studies) to 4.8 km. This optimization, introduced in the planning phase for both tunnels – right and left tracks – has meant a considerable saving in both cost and construction time, as well as greater comfort for the traveler and an increase in train operation safety levels. In this respect, SENER has worked on more than 10,000 km of railway line studies and projects all over the world, as well as on the design and supply of intelligent transportation systems that incorporate high-tech solutions; experience it is applying in order to contribute to the success of this project”. 

SENER's responsibility in the intercity train project includes defining the operational model, the technological solution and the network operation simulations, as well as all the studies required to define the construction of the line: cartography and topography tasks; route studies; viaduct and tunnel calculation; geotechnical, hydrological and drainage studies; architectural and structural plans and the definition of station systems, as well as workshops and depots; environmental mitigation and urban planning studies; and studies of interfaces, RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety) and railway and electromechanical facilities. In addition, as technical adviser to the SCT, it carries out all the adaptations, updates and modifications necessary to the executive plan during the construction phase.

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