SENER receives the MC MUTUAL “Antonio Baró” Prize for the Prevention of Occupational Hazard

29/10/2014 (Spain)
SENER receives the MC MUTUAL “Antonio Baró” Prize for the Prevention of Occupational Hazard

The SENER engineering and technology group was one of the winners at the 13th Edition of the MC MUTUAL “Antonio Baró” Prize for the Prevention of Occupational Hazards. These awards, which MC MUTUAL presents annually, recognize the efforts of companies, people and institutions that go above and beyond to protect their workers’ health through effective preventive measures.

The awards ceremony took place on October 28 at the MC MUTUAL headquarters, in Barcelona, and was attended by Miquel Valls, President of MC MUTUAL. Òscar Julià, Director of SENER’s Barcelona Division, attended on behalf of the company. He declared after the ceremony: “We are especially pleased to receive a prize for occupational hazard prevention, as it is considered of vital importance within the SENER group. Our goal is to keep the accident rate at zero for all of our activities.” The Director also highlighted the work carried out by the Quality, Environment and Safety Management Unit: “Our teams focus on occupational hazard prevention through awareness and training, and we apply the best practices in the sector. Furthermore, we endeavor to ensure that all the companies we work with adopt these good practices, be they providers or partners. Thanks to this, we have reached major milestones with regard to Health, Safety and Environment in significant works such as the Gate terminal regasification plant and the Gemasolar thermoelectric plant.”

MC MUTUAL emphasized that “at SENER, occupational hazard prevention is an attitude that involves all the professionals in the company, during every activity they carry out and each decision they make”. MC MUTUAL also praised SENER’s efforts to improve its facilities, with the aim of eliminating any risks identified in the assessments and inspections that the organization carries out routinely. Two recent examples in particular stood out: improved pedestrian access to the Madrid head office; and the construction of the new SENER corporate headquarters in Catalonia, an eco-technological building with an energy-saving design.

As an engineering and construction company, occupational hazard prevention is a primary and strategic objective for SENER. The group’s own integrated quality, environment and safety management system is certified in accordance with international ISO 14001 (environmental management) standard and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) specification. Consequently, its teams of professionals pay special attention to safety requirements – whether in design projects or construction works – and guarantee cooperation with both the client and contractors to implement and improve preventive awareness among all those involved in the project. Furthermore, SENER ensures that everyone involved in project management or supervision is trained in awareness and preventive measures as part of its commitment to risk prevention. The company also organizes awareness campaigns and encourages all the group’s professionals to participate. In fact, SENER awards its own prize for occupational hazard prevention, the Work Safety Award, which recognizes the actions taken to help reduce accident rates.

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