SENER President Jorge Sendagorta wins the Basque Company and Society Foundation's "Best Basque Businessman" award

13/12/2011 (Spain)
SENER President Jorge Sendagorta wins the Basque Company and Society Foundation's

The 20th annual Basque Business Night, organized by the Basque Company and Society Foundation/ Gizarte eta Euskal Enpresa Fundazioa and sponsored by Sabadell Guipuzcoano has named Jorge Sendagorta, SENER President and C.E.O., as this year's "Best Basque Businessman" for his distinguished career.

The prizes were handed out by the Basque Company and Society Foundation on the evening of December 12th at Bilbao's Teatro Campos Elíseos, and hundreds of representatives attended from the finance and business sectors in recognition of the winners' achievements. The Basque Regional Minister for Economy and Finance, Carlos Aguirre presided over the ceremony, representing the Lehendakari Patxi López. The gala also boasted the attendance of Bernabé Unda, the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, who wanted to congratulate in person each company honored by the Foundation.

As usual, the awards were presented by the previous year's winners. Thus, Sendagorta was given the plaque for “Best Basque Businessman” by Javier Ormazabal Echevarría, representing his father Javier Ormazabal Ocerin, founder of Ormazabal & Co.

The prize jury noted Sendagorta's work as President and C.E.O. of SENER, as "...leading one of the Basque Country's most important business groups: a family run business with a unique strategic concept and an innovative industrial trajectory that has nevertheless had to tackle the same obstacles as any other company, and which therefore serves as an example for measuring success in confronting similarly adverse circumstances. Jorge Sendagorta, thus since 1986 has overseen the generational transition of the company founded by his father, Enrique Sendagorta, and his uncle, Manu Sendagorta, shaping a new group which has maintained its corporate culture while also increasing its sales figures throughout the years of financial crisis, establishing new brands and surpassing 5,000 employees and €1 billion in sales in 2010, 75% of which were in foreign markets.”

The awards further bore witness to the fact that during his 25 years at the company's helm, Sendagorta has been able to harmonize "tradition and modernity - meaning technology and innovation -, while still remaining faithful to the company's history and providing the diversification and internationalization demanded by an increasingly global economy."

Time was also dedicated at the gala ceremony to recognize the work of Gestamp Automoción, which the prize jury awarded the "Made in Euskadi" prize; along with Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles - CAF, which won the award for Business Innovation. The fourth award presented was the "Euskal Makila", won by Guardian Glass España in recognition of the investments it has made in its Llodio facilities over the last 30 years.

This prize caps off an intense year of awards and recognitions for SENER; it recently won the top European Business Award for Innovation, where it beat out nine other finalist companies in an extensive selection process that began in May 2011 and which involved competition from over 15,000 European companies. In November, SENER won the CSP Today awards for "Engineering Firm 2011" and "Solution Dispatchability Increaser 2011". The company had previously won the American version of CSP Today's "Engineering Firm 2011" award because of its progress in the U.S. market. In October Sendagorta was also awarded the "Managing for Growth" award by the Spanish Confederation of Directors and Executives. These awards are in addition to other recognitions won in 2011 by the SENER group's subsidiary Torresol Energy, mostly due to its having launched its innovative flagship solar plant, Gemasolar.

Lastly, it should be noted that SENER had previously been recognized at the 2006 Basque Business Night, when the Basque Company and Society Foundation presented SENER with the "Made in Euskadi" award.

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