SENER obtains the “Makila of Honor 2010” award from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Navigation of Bilbao

30/11/2010 (Spain)
SENER obtains the “Makila of Honor 2010” award from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Navigation of Bilbao

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Navigation of Bilbao, at the Corporation's plenary session, has decided to grant SENER the “Makila of Honor – Ohorezko Makila 2010” award for its contributions to the missions pursued by the Chamber.

More specifically, the Chamber has acknowledged SENER's innovative work in the marine area through the development of its CAD/CAE/CAM software for the design and construction of ships and marine and ocean artifacts, the FORAN System. The Chamber feels that this advanced system has constituted an improvement in the productivity of shipyards and building companies in Biscay, since its tools make it possible to reduce time and costs in an environment as complex and global as the marine sector.

Launched by the company in the sixties, FORAN is nowadays one of the world's most used ship building programs, present in 150 shipyards in more than 30 countries. The program is continually improved to cater to the market’s changing needs, and SENER recently launched the FORAN V70 version.

The Managing Director of SENER, Jorge Unda, picked up the award at the ceremony held on November 29 in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, at the 8th Annual Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Navigation. The event featured the presence of the lehendakari (president) of the Basque Government, Patxi López, as well as the President of the Biscay Council, José Luis Bilbao, and representatives from local businesses and institutions. Besides SENER other companies from Biscay were also distinguished with the “Makila of Honor 2010” title, such as the Ormazabal Group and Ercilla Hoteles, as well as the Traders Association of the Ribera Market.

The “Makila of Honor 2010” award consists of a makila, a traditional Basque walking stick made with medlar wood, and featuring a silver handle and steel tip, which the local institutions award to dignitaries or companies that they regard as important as a symbol of friendship, nobility, justice, respect, and authority. It is also delivered to the Basque presidents when they are inaugurated, and other important figures that have received makilas by Basque institutions include King Juan Carlos, Pope John Paul II, Adolfo Suárez, Ronald Reagan, and Camilo José Cela.

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