SENER's Chairman Receives Two New Recognitions

20/06/2014 (Spain)
SENER's Chairman Receives Two New Recognitions

Jorge Sendagorta given the Bizkaia Sarean business award for his career achievements and named Honorary Consul of Bilbao by the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce.

The Chairman of the engineering and technology group SENER, Jorge Sendagorta, has received the Bizkaia Sarean award in recognition of his career achievements. This is one of the Bizkaia Sarean awards, given by the Association for Promotion of Biscay Business Network, BizkaiRed, which highlight the work of executives, companies and institutions in the Biscay province. The fourth edition of these awards also recognized the Director General of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the University of Deusto, the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, the LandArt Bilbao Foundation and the Fábrica de Magos school of magic. The award ceremony took place on Thursday, June 19 at the Bilbao Iberdrola Tower, a symbol of Biscay society's economic and business progress.

In addition to this, Jorge Sendagorta has been named Honorary Consul of Bilbao by the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce, whose precursor was the Bilbao Consulate. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the honorary consuls' mission is: "To carry the name of Bilbao with pride throughout the world, to propagate Biscay men and women's virtues of work, honesty and hospitality, and to direct all of their actions to the material and spiritual prosperity of Bilbao and its peoples." The declaration ceremony took place on Friday, June 20 in the Bilbao Consulate Hall at the Euskal Museoa-Basque Museum.

Jorge Sendagorta serves as Chairman and CEO of SENER, an engineering and technology group with over €1.2 billion in turnover, which employs 5,600 people and is recognized for its innovation and international development capabilities. SENER was founded in Bilbao in 1956 and was the first Spanish engineering company to be registered as such. Having diversified its activities, it is now fully operational at an international level in Engineering and Construction, including the Aerospace, Infrastructure and Transport, Power and Process, and Marine sectors; in Aeronautics, where it is the majority shareholder in ITP, a company propelled by SENER that has just celebrated its 25th year; and in Energy and Environment. The company has 45 work centers spread across four continents and carries out projects worldwide.

SENER's success, the quality of its projects and its contribution to society are continually recognized by awards and prizes, which have been given not only to the company itself, but to its projects and management. This stems from its labor and innovation, and also from its constant job creation and its activity as a driving force for industries in the sector. The most recent example was the Kingdom of Spain Entrepreneurial Career Award, given by the Entrepreneur Society, the Economy Society and the Basque Entrepreneur Society. The first edition of the award was presented on June 4, 2014 by the King of Spain, Juan Carlos de Borbón, to SENER's founder and Honorary Chairman, Enrique de Sendagorta Aramburu.

About Jorge Sendagorta

Chairman and CEO of the SENER Group since 2000, Jorge Sendagorta joined the company in 1986 as Deputy General Manager. Previously he had worked for several years as Technical Head in the shipyards of marine structures at a large construction company, and later he founded and ran SEAPLACE, a company specializing in offshore platforms engineering. He holds a master's degree in Ocean Engineering from MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and is a doctor in Marine Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid, where he later taught at the doctorate level from 1978 to 1984. He completed his academic training with the Senior Management Program (PADE) from the University of Navarra Business School in 1990. He also presides over the University of Navarra Business School's Alumni Association, and is a member on the Social Board of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

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